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Pirate Sails & Invasions

The WOLF is always availabe for special hires and can be chartered by the hour, day, week or month. Patterned after the blockade runners of the 19th century, the WOLF has a cargo capacity for 20 tons and is U.S.C.G. certified for 40 passengers for day sails, coastwise for 20 passengers and six passengers for international voyages.

Home ported in Key West, Florida, the Conch Republic Flagship WOLF is home to First Sea Lord and Conch Republic Supreme Commander Admiral Finbar Gittelman (also the ship’s master) and his lady, Blossom Julie McEnroe, Mistress of Mayhem. With Admiral Finbar at the helm, the WOLF has represented Key West and the Conch Republic at international celebrations and seaport festivals throughout the Bahamas, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

Each year the WOLF returns to Key West for two of the island’s most unique signature events – the Conch Republic Independence Day Celebration (the last 2 weekends of April) and Key West's Pirates in Paradise Festival (Thanksgiving weekend through the first weekend of December.) The rest of the year, the WOLF is available to sail the seven seas seeking fun and adventure on the high seas.

Specializing in Pirate Sails and Invasions, the WOLF and her scurvy crew stand ready to delight one and all with their sing-along sea chanteys, swashbuckling sword play, salty sea stories and fearsome black powder weaponry. WOLF crew can also be dressed in Conch Republic Navy attire (dress whites or casual) and – as Admiral Finbar is always seeking to expand his military forces – we can arrange for a Conch Republic Navy Commissioning Ceremony upon request.

Over the years, the WOLF has become known for her humanitarian Missions of Mercy that have delivered hundreds of tons of donated relief supplies to small island communities in both the Bahamas and Caribbean. The WOLF is also a media favorite, and has been showcased in numerous films and documentaries (including shows on the Discovery Channel, PBS, Travel Channel, Food Channel, BBC and History Channel) and can be found on Key West postcards and other island artwork.

For reservations, please call 305-296-9694 or email us at sailaway@schoonerwolf.com.